sábado, 7 de fevereiro de 2009

Eleanoora Rosenholm New video

Se me perguntarem qual o Lp com o tratamento mais ingrato ou amnésico de 2008...respondo em finlandês: Älä kysy kuolleilta, he sanoivat”...
Se me perguntarem qual o Lp com o tratamento mais amnésico ou ingrato de 2007...respondo, novamente em finlandês: "Vainajan muotokuva"...
E o que é que estes dois trabalhos têm em comum?
-1 Editora: a extravagante Fonal
-1 Artista: Eleanoora Rosenholm
-1 Visão única
-1 Soberbo enredo sonoro

Para quem não conhece a madame (Shame on You!!!), e eu já aqui falei dela algumas vezes, aqui ficam dois vídeos, um do seu primeiro testamento, e outro do seu segundo, e mais recente:

Passatempo: Diferenças#11

Pet Shop Boys

The Subs

Brand New Videos 2009

"Porté Disparu"
from Labyrinthes, 2009


Bonnie "Prince" Billy
"Sleeping in the Driveway"
from Sleeping City, 2009


VIA stereogum and .prefixmag

Vania Zouravliov work is pure Genius

Russian born Vania Zouravliov's illustrations are in a word exquisite. They're brilliantly layered with detail and symbolism and are the kind of pieces that you really need to stare at for a long time to get a true grip on what is actually going on. VIA

More amazing stuff at Vania Zouravliov's portfolio

Kate Gibb

Kate Gibb is one of the leading contemporary silk screen artists and is probably best known for her acclaimed work in the field of music design for artists including the Chemical Brothers, The Magic Numbers, Suede, Simian, My Computer and Bob Marley, to name but a few. VIA

Reincarnation by Memo Akten

This is an amazing off-shoot from a visual performance accompanying the Rambert Dance Company at the Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank, London UK.

Is Love sweet?

by Felicity Ford.

Die in Style

by Tom Sachs.

Not Much to Say

by Amandine Alessandra.

Silo1: showreel and Surface trailer

Silo-1 creative studio is a multidisciplinary visual production collective based in Istanbul. With our creative content we apply traditional and experimental production methods to commercials and our personal works.

Mykonos (Fleet Foxes amazing new video) making of

123108 Reel by Stephen Schuster

L.E.S Artistes#62


Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator/designer/screenprinter based out of London. He mainly uses pencils, pens, a tablet, and photoshop to create his work and coincidently that’s exactly how I make my work… oh yes, there’s one small difference - his illustrations are AWESOME. VIA

Link: http://www.dan-mumford.com/blog/index.php