sábado, 25 de outubro de 2008

Karin Dreijer Anderssson (The Knife) goes solo

Os soberbos-soberbos-soberbos Suecos The Knife, não dão notícias desde 2006, altura em que lançaram essa catarse noir de nome Silent Shout, mas o pousio da banda parece terminar, pelo menos no que diz respeito à ala feminina, pois a vocalista Karin Dreijer Andersson, já esgotada de tamanha inércia, prepara-se para enveredar por um projecto unipessoal, sem a presença do seu irmão, Olof Dreijer. A experiência a solo já tem nome, Fever Ray, já tem editora, a Rabid Records (criada pelos The Knife), já tem época de saída, no princípo de 2009, já tem página do myspace (Myspace page) para acompanhar as micro-notícias/novidades, e já tem um excerto de uma música, Fever Ray: If I Had a Heart (Instrumental Edit), para abrir o apetite e desesperar por mais!

Personal Mixtapes#3

by CUT COPY. Interview from http://drownedinsound.com/
ELO ‘Here Is The News’(YouTube)

Spacemen 3 ‘Ecstacy’(YouTube)

Kano ‘I’m Ready’(YouTube)

Cluster ‘Hollywood’(YouTube)

J-Dilla ‘Stop’(YouTube)

Panda Bear ‘Ponytail’(YouTube)

Carl Craig ‘Future Love Theme’(YouTube)

Ariel Pink ‘Among Dreams’(YouTube)

The Avalanches ‘Electricity’(YouTube)

LiPPS INC ‘How Long’(YouTube)


Thelermont Hupton lights

ILIO chair

Plataforma Arquitectura

OKAY Studio table

Matthew Hilton chairs

Jaime Hayon, Basel Vase

Vertigo Lounge by AquiliAlberg

spacerbath by Dominik Chojnacki

Slothouber & Graatsma design


The Abyss lights

Second Lives installation

Nordic shelves by JDS Architects

Pool table

Rousseau and INSA

Marco Gorini kitchen

Our Little White Sofa by Christian Vivanco

Richard Hutten, Atomes d'Argent, Christofl design

Arch. Michael Schumacher

Amanda Levete sofa

Modular Lighting

Mirror by Pierre Marie

Art installation at Clark Shoes

Jaime Hayon furniture

Eemeli and Betty by Lincoln Kayiwa


Canasta by Patricia Urquiola

Arch. Brisac Gonzalez Cecile Brisac Edgar Gonzalez

Aura by Zaha Hadid Architects

Alexander Lotersztain x system

Alex Hellum furniture

Steel lamp by Britt Kornum

A Secret Friend by Tithi Kutchamuch

Tuttle sofa

Arch. Vicente Guallart


Illoz is a portfolio site for Illustrators that doubles as a very useful workspace for art directors. It’s an experiment, of sorts. The idea is to establish a new and better way for art directors to find and interact with Illustrators. The program was created by two guys with an idea, the same two odd-balls that brought Drawger to life.

Shy The Sun

Imagine Hieronymous Bosch's hallucinatory visions animated in Gothic splendor by Tim Burton and you're somewhere near the extraordinary visual stylings of South African directors Ree Treweek and Jannes Hendrikz, aka Shy The Sun.

For more information see shythesun.tv or blackginger.tv


Bakers Precious Biscuits from Shy the Sun on Vimeo.

The Tale of How from Shy the Sun on Vimeo.

Sea Orchestra from Shy the Sun on Vimeo.

DFA fresh stuff

Runaway is the New York music-making team of Jacques Renault and Marcos Cabral. They have released singles for I'm a Cliche, Chinatown, and Wurst Edits, and DJ constantly in NYC, Brooklyn, and beyond. They recently remixed the newest Moby single and also completed a remix for LCD Soundsystem. Brooklyn Club Jam, their debut release for DFA Records, is co-released overseas with the premiere UK dance label Rekids. Brennan Green, one of the mellowest masterminds behind the booming NYC disco scene, delivers a can't-miss remix of the thumping, anthemic original.

Mock & Toof were infamously discovered by DFA many years ago via an MP3 demo emailed to the website address (which later became their debut Death From Abroad single, "Brownbred"). On this release, the pair finally makes its proper DFA debut with the elastic dance pop single, "Underwater."
"Underwater" is a true breakthrough--a song so undeniably laid back and catchy, the duo came up with the term "cosmic sea shanty" to sum it up. With its undeniable Madchester / Beta Band delivery, DFA decided it was more of an E Shanty, especially the dub on the flipside, which blends warm keys, euphoric piano, and a killer bass line. "Underwater" is more unique magic from the Tiny Sticks men and a new page in their still-evolving career.

Listen both at Waves at Night (DFA).

L.E.S Artistes#39


Using 19th century tin-types, photographs, and images, Maggie Taylor scanned them on a flatbed scanner. She then combines them with some other images that she photographed, acquired, or other objects that she scanned. These images are then composed, combined, and colorized by using Adobe Photoshop program. In a typical image composed by Taylor, there can be as many as 40-60+ layers.