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Para Amaciar o Pêlo...

Para estes dias pardos (e parvos) aqui ficam 3 sugestões...para amaciar o pêlo, em beleza:

CD: Drawn in Basic
MORR, 2008
BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF: electro-pop/dreamy shoegaze/minimalistic IDM/ambient electronica/instrumental gems

CD: Miracle Kicker
LOAF, 2008
BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF: 1960s harmonies/electro-acoustic/guitar melodies/folk/drum beats/ethereal vocals

CD: If Children
MERGE, 2008
BEAUTIFUL PIECES OF: shoegaze/indie-rock/country/folk/jazz/chamber-pop/epic songs

Fujiya & Miyagi Video: "Sore Thumb"

Personal Mixtapes#10

by THE WALKMEN. Interview from Drownedinsound.
Chuck Berry 'South of Her Border' (from Let it Rock)
This is a fine example of the sleazy bizarre later Chuck Berry. While the sound is the same and the guitar is still great he's stopped singing about Johnny B. Goode and now he sounds a little crazy and he's singing about catching his wife cheating on him and shooting the other man's balls off. (YouTube)

Ringo Starr 'Photograph' (from Ringo)
After the Beatles broke up, while John and Paul and George were hating each other and writing songs about it, the always lovable Ringo was putting together great, funny albums that included every member of the Beatles (not on the same tracks). I get the feeling he didn't want the good times to end. You have to love him. (YouTube)

Shane MacGowan and the Popes 'Paddy Rolling Stone' (from The Crock of Gold)
I like the 'Back in County Hell' song too and 'Come to the Bower' is great. In 'Truck Drivin' Man', over a weak little country groove, he has the lines:
Got some bear on my trail I pull over I think of jail / I said my name is Forrest Gump / Then I blew his arm off with my twelve gauge pump / I blew his guts out thru his back / Heard his spine make a sickening crack / He's still wriggling, he ain't dead / Put the gun to his mouth, blew off his head.

Grace Slick and The Great Society 'Sally Go Round the Roses' (from Grace Slick and The Great Society)
This is Grace Slick's band before Jefferson Airplane. She has a great guitar player named Darby and a terrible organ player who I love. They are much better than the Airplane. (YouTube)

Bob Dylan 'When Did You Leave Heaven' (from Down in The Groove)
This is from '87, a dark time during his failure period. But... there's always a song or two on each crap record that I can get into. (YouTube)

The Cramps 'Greenfuz' (from Psychedelic Jungle)
We used to cover this song in the heaviest and most awful way with a big bass and a big ugly organ. Not our finest moment. But the Cramps do it great.

The Animals 'You're On My Mind' (from Animalization)
This is a great little gem. I wish all The Animals songs were like this.
Bonnie Raitt 'Sweet And Shiny Eyes' (from Home Plate)
This is one of my favorite songs. I found this record by accident when I was sixteen and while its the only Bonnie Raitt song I've ever really loved, I think its good enough that she deserves a lifetime of success for it. And Tom Waits is one of the background singers.

Randy Newman 'Mikey's' (from Trouble in Paradise)
This is a weird concept song about terrible modern music taking over the world. So to get you into the story, he filled the song with annoying, terrible synthesizers. At the end he's in a North Beach bar talking to the bartender over the synth music and says the great lines:
Didn't used to be this ugly music playing all the time/ Where are we? On the Moon?/ Whatever happened to the old songs, Mikey?/ Like the Duke of Earl/ Mikey, whatever happened to the fucking Duke of Earl?

Gene Chandler 'The Duke of Earl' (from The Duke of Earl)
Randy Newman has a good point if you asked me. I love the totally brainless backup vocal part. It sounds like late night at a toga party.

gorilla vs. bear's songs of 2008

As melhores canções do ano, segundo o blogue gorillavsbear.

2 Interviews 2 Brains

TV ON THE RADIO: TLOBF Interview: TV on the Radio

WES ANDERSON: Wes Anderson AV interview

Mais Caridade...da BOA

A editora 4AD, em união com a AIDS charity Red Hot, vai editar a 16 de Fevereiro de 2009 um Lp que reúne 32 faixas originais de pessoal que todos adoramos (alguns mais que outros of course). Aqui fica o alinhamento, do batalhão de artistas, que se uniu a esta causa:

Andrew Bird
Antony + Bryce Dessner
Arcade Fire
Beach House
Blonde Redhead + Devastations
Bon Iver
Bon Iver & Aaron Dessner
The Books featuring Jose Gonzalez
Buck 65 Remix (featuring Sufjan Stevens and Serengeti)
Cat Power and Dirty Delta Blues
The Decemberists
Dirty Projectors + David Byrne
Kevin Drew
Feist + Ben Gibbard
Grizzly Bear
Grizzly Bear + Feist
Iron & Wine
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Kronos Quartet
Stuart Murdoch
My Brightest Diamond
My Morning Jacket
The National
The New Pornographers
Conor Oberst & Gillian Welch
Riceboy Sleeps
Dave Sitek (TV On The Radio)
Sufjan Stevens
Yo La Tengo

Blitzen Trapper & ALF

Qualquer coisa que meta o Alf já me alegra...mas se juntar uma série de imagens, bem saudosas, desta criatura peluda à música dos Blitzen Trapper, mato dois coelhos (e não dois Alfs) com uma cajadada só...

L L L world

2009 promete no reino dos L´s:
L de Litle Boots,
L de La Roux,
e agora L de Litle Jinder.
Litle Jinder, Josefine Jinder , tem uma carinha laroca (9 pontos), vem da Suécia (10 pontos), já editou um Ep este ano ,Polyhedron EP, e toca uma espécie de electro-pop lá nas nuvens (9 pontos), ou não fosse ela escandinava.
Totais: 9.333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
Originais e Remixes aqui.

Olhaaa a T-shirt pááá caridade!

A Yellow Bird , sediada no Canadá, aliou-se a uma série de músicos, The National,Bon Iver, New Pornographers/Immaculate Machine,Magic Numbers,k-os, e Broken Social Scene, para a criação de T-shirts, personalizadas pelos mesmos, cujos fundos revertem para a caridade.
Para aquirir e saber mais deste projecto...por aqui:
Yellow Bird Project!

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Justice: "Phantom II" (A Cross the Universe DVD excerpt)

They are KINGS.

Justice - PHANTOM II
by justice

Funny Or Die: Prop 8 the Musical :)

AT: prop-8-the-musical-starring-jack-black-john-c-reilly-and-many-more-from-fod-team-jack-black-craig-robinson-john-c-reilly-and-rashida-jones


Movie: Guerrilla (Che)
Date: 2009
Cast: Benicio Del Toro, Rodrigo Santoro, Demián Bichir, ...
Directed By: Steven Soderbergh

Evan Roth + Jay-Z= Dope video


What kind of Santa are you?

Personaliza o teu Pai Natal em Xmas Postcard :)

Live, Fight and Die like a Beast

by Thomas Broersma

by Leslie Ditto

by Jeff Mcmillan

by Linn Olofsdotter