sexta-feira, 1 de agosto de 2008

Breves#3 Os Islandeses do Folk, O Francês com Erecção, e o Cigano Americano

All is Well
Bedroom Comunitry, 2008

Sebastian Tellier
Lucky Number, 2008

A Mad and Faithful Telling
Anti, 2008

Brand New Videos 2008

Lykke Li: "Breaking it up" , from Youth Novels, 2008
BI: Dark Basement, Orgy, Dancing against flashes

Lykke Li - Breaking It Up from SylvAïn on Vimeo.

Rex The Dog: 'I Can See You, Can You See Me?', from "I Can See You, Can You See Me???" 12" , 2008
BI: Computer vs Traditional Animation, Rex, The Dog

Azeda Booth: "Big Fists", from , 2008
BI: Super 8 images, Jewish wedding, 1960

Samamidon: "Weding Dress", from All is Well, 2008
BI: Puppets, Tissues, Tape

Octopus Project: "An Evening with Rthrtha", from , 2008
BI: Sky&Bats&Butterflies, Tapestry of images, Shapes&Colors

Wierd Art#8


Will Cotton's big, smoothly painted close-ups of gleaming, melting piles of color-coordinated candies and sweets are savvy and clueless at the same time. His primary subjects are candy and naked women, often in combination.Cotton's images have the feel of illustrations for the famous depression era ditty. Yet while his images look like a fever dream born from sensual deprivation, Cotton paints in an era of plenty. And he paints for an era where delights, like candy, come in endless quantities but whose sweetness is poisoned by gluttony and guilt.


Jet House


Michele Trevisan Sofas

Jaime Rendon House

Wonka Seat

Channel 2 Container-Zaha Hadid

Volker Haug Lamps

Moroso Table

NKS Architects

Led Seat

Hide Keep Furniture

Bridge House

Fabio Novembre Instalation

Jolyon Yates Chair


Mirror Mirror

Dias Shelf

Higashionna Experiments Lamps

Botle Boutique

Buckle Down Sleep Chair

Phos Architects